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    If you have any questions regarding our product, please feel free to submit them in the box below.

      Here are some frequently asked questions:

      When is your product available and where can I get it?
      At the JEC World 2018 we introduced our produc. Since then testing samples and stacks up to 425 x 425 mm are available. We will start to supply customers with in Q2/2019 with our full scale production (see below).
      You can order your individual textile at our online store on our website.

      What ist the difference between your product and a standard NCF-textile?
      The comparative difference to NCF is that our product is fully tailorable to your requirements, including orders as small as one piece.
      Our product is produced and delivered near net shape. We use one fiber type and one standard grammage (155g/m2) per stack layer. This will be the future standard of NCF 😉
      155g/m2 is the best compromise between ultimate design freedom and minimized costs.

      What does it cost?
      Because we produce and deliver near net shape you will have a cost saving between 20% to 40% in comparison to NCF. 20% to 40% is the typical cut-off-waste you generate when you work with NCF.

      The price is calculated individually based on your input during your orderering process. It will always be the ‘best price’ and this depends on three factors:
      1.) The amount of carbon fibers in your product
      2.) The space utilization of your product on our production machine
      3.) The volume you order
      For example: if you order a square frame and a filled square of the same size they utilize the same production space and the difference in price is only caused by the different amounts of fibers needed for the two products.