Coyotex Preforms

Coyotex preforms are multilayer, near-net-shape non-crimp  fabric stacks manufactured using spread-tow carbon fibers .
Because they are manufactured at near-net shape, you only have a very small amount of offcut along the edge.
Because you are free to choose the fiber orientation, you can build ultralight products.
Because we use our self-produced spread-tow carbon fibers to manufacture the preforms, the fibers are optimally stretched in the preform. All of this allows our preforms to make full use of the potential of carbon fiber.
Every layer in a coyotex preform wights 155 g/m2. In addition, there are 4 – 12 g/m2 of epoxy binder, which holds the layers together.

Coyotex preforms are suitable for producing:

  • Slightly single- or double-curved components, such as engine hoods, spoilers, roofs, kiteboards, wakeboards. Snowboards,…
  • Primarily simply curved components, such as B pillars, hat profiles, U profiles, manhole covers, kiteboards, wakeboards, snowboards, … (Components without corner blends).
  • Coyotex preforms are less suited for making super-complicated parts with corner blends or ones that have multiple strong curves. If that describes the product you are planning to design, it is best to do a preliminary test.

Our preforms are suitable for producing components with an epoxy resin matrix.

Our preforms can be further processed into components using the following processes:

  • Hand lay-up
  • Vacuum infusion processes (VARIVAP)
  • Resin transfer molding (RTM)
  • Wet molding

To strongly reshape Coyotex preforms, the binder can be heated to a temperature of over 140° C, which softens it again (see Binder Data Sheet).