Maximum freedom of design

We believe that optimally designed and intelligently produced CFRP components can be an economically attractive, lightweight alternative to construction methods using steel or aluminum…

…Guided by this belief, we have developed a completely new production process that allows us to manufacture the best-possible carbon fiber preforms in a way that is customized, economical and exactly meets the requirements of each customer’s component.

While developing this process, we asked ourselves this question: Just how much freedom does a component designer need to design an optimal, lightweight fiber-appropriate CFRP component? Here’s our answer:

  • You can design the external and internal contours however you like.
  • You can orient the fibers on each individual layer however you like.
  • You can choose to have anywhere between two and (currently) 20 layers.
  • You can choose an order volume as small as one or as big as thousands.
  • You can define and order your customized preforms on our website with just a few clicks of a mouse.

… and even more ways to enjoy freedom of design are already in the pipeline.