What’s in it for you?

Maximized component performance:

  • Your product will have better performance properties at the same weight because you can orient the fibers according to the load and because the fibers are optimally stretched.

Minimized component weight:

  • You reduce your component’s weight because you can orientate fibers according to the load and therefore need fewer fibers.
  • Since the fibers in our coyotex stacks are perfectly stretched, they can achieve their full mechanical potential in the component. There are no annoying sewing threads or stabilization mesh that reduce the inherent mechanical potential of the fibers.

Minimized costs:

  • You don’t need to buy the material that would ultimately end up as offcut anyway because our products are “near net shape,” meaning very close to the shape of the final product.
  • You save costs for cutting and stacking material, as our production process does that for you automatically.