Geometry approximation

Our production technology allows us to produce your individual shape with an accuracy of up to a few millimeters. We discretize your individual contour with a standardized, square grid of 22 x 22 mm. Doing so allows us to minimize the production-related overlap of our fabric in relation to your shape.

Fiber orientation

The fiber orientation can be defined individually for each layer separately in full-degree steps.

Number of layers

To date, we have manufactured preforms of up to 20 layers. If you happen to need more than 20 layers, let’s talk about it. After all, our motto is “outsmart the limits”!

Fabric weight

A single layer of coyotex preform has a grammage of 150 – 155 g/m2, depending on the fiber used. For production reasons, each layer contains 5 – 10 g/m2 epoxy resin-compatible binder.

Fiber characteristics

According to manufacturer specifications, the fibers used to make coyotex preforms have a tensile elasticity modulus of 255 GPa, a tensile strength of 4,400 MPa, and an elongation at break of 1.65%.