Design and order your customized coyotex performance preform

Before you start you need a DXF — file ready,  that contains your desired geometry. The polylines describing the preform shape have to be closed containing no line gaps. (Here we have prepared a few examples for you)

  1. Enter the custom store and upload your DXF file, click “Next”.
  2. Name your project, choose a quantity, type in the desired angle of your first ply cklick “Add Layer”. You must add at least two layers to proceed. Each layer has a grammage of 155 gsm.
  3. Enter your shipping details, click “Next”. 
  4. Check and submit your order and you are done.

We keep it simple:

  • After we have checked your order you’ll get an order confirmation and an invoice.
  • We start to produce your order after we have received your payment.
  • If we do not receive a payment from you within 4 weeks from the invoice date, our offer and your order will expire automatically and you will receive a cancellation invoice.